Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore


One of the things that should be done when in Florence is climbing the Duomo (and the tower bell additionally). Be ready to feel like you will suffer a heart attack – unless you are fit (something we are not). The 463 steps to the dome and the 414 of the bell tower will prove your physical endurance but the sights are just so worth it.

I also recommend you to be ready to queue or to arrive really early in the morning. We were lucky and didn’t wait too much for the tower bell (we arrived early) but we made the wrong decision trying to climb the dome after lunch… we waited in the line for two hours!!! Had we bought the Firenze card (no queues – win!) this wouldn’t have happened but since we had so little time we decided to visit the basics so the price of the card wasn’t worth it. Anyway, I can easily fall asleep on the most incredible places so I napped on a bench for a while – i like living on the edge – so it wasn’t that bad.

12 thoughts on “Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

  1. Wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous, it looks like an amazing city! I’ve not been but it’s definitely going on my list of places to visit!

  2. You were so brave to climb up all those stairs… and the results are wonderful! What a beautiful, breath-taking view!

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog, how gorgeous it is! These pictures are breathtaking. I also envy your sleeping abilities, surely my life would be so much easier if I could fall asleep where I liked!

  4. And you’ve just reminded me of our climb to the top of a church spire in Copenhagen. I got a bit freaked out at the top with the height and narrow standing area! But they are so worth it for the conquering fears and beautiful views.

  5. Oh my, that is lovely. I’m totally smittened with Florence. I have a huge touch of the claustrophobia, so we opted out of the climb with the amounts of people that I’d be in that tiny stairwell with, but if we go back off-season, then I might be more willing. Was it super tiny? The views look gorgeous…

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