Orto botanico dell’Università di Pisa

This botanical garden dates from 1544, being the first botanical garden in Europe. As the botanical garden lover that I am we decided to visit it our last morning before flying back home.  It was really nice since we arrived at 9 in the morning and we were alone, so it felt like having the whole garden for just the two of us.
The garden looks really decadent but in a nice way. I loved that one of the buildings had the facade ornamented with sea-shells. So beautiful.
We made friends with a cat which we decided to name Donatello, but we weren’t very sure whether it was Donatello or Donatella. Anyway it was just too cute.

8 thoughts on “Orto botanico dell’Università di Pisa

  1. A truly fascinating place! I especially love the photo of the pond and the red fishes, it has such wonderful reflections!

  2. Oh wow, I’m adding this to my list of Italian gardens to visit. I love botanical gardens too. And I read recently that Hamburg won “European Green Capital” in 2011 for their plans to bring much more greenery into the urban centre. Did you find green areas there? I love the photo of the bottle by the water. I hope you are well. x

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