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So the Google City Experts program has been launched in Madrid.  If you have never heard about this program, it is aimed to encourage Google + Local reviews. Now, when you become a Google City Expert, you are invited to this kind of events and parties. I’m not a city expert, but since i’m subscribed to Madrid Confidential newsletter  (they send recommendations and places you shouldn’t miss in Madrid) I received an email where they were talking about this party with a link to ask for an invitation. And so I did! A few days later there was an invitation in my inbox.

People who would receive the invitation were asked to go alone so I was a little bit embarrassed at first not knowing anyone. Once you arrive you are given a sticker so you can write your name and a random card with a workshop. I received the hairdresser lab one and I had this beautiful braid done! The party was quite fun, with jazz live music and lots of sweets and sandwiches. I met some interesting girls and in the end I had a lovely afternoon. Being a City Expert might be nice, the only problem is that you need to review at least 50 places in google maps and keep doing 5 per month to keep your status – that definitely means a lot of time and research!

9 thoughts on “La Merienda CityExperts

  1. 5 direcciones por mes? parecen muchas pero creo que tu lo puedes conseguir, siempre encuentras direcciones increibles ! Fotos preciosas como siempre !

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